I do have to say, as a business coach & mentor, there are times that I feel incredibly lucky to be doing this job.

Yes, seeing my clients businesses take off is satisfying, or perhaps helping one that may not be achieving its ‘full potential’ to really turn things around is a great feeling but more recently, being able to do that and enjoy this glorious weather that we’re having has really made a great change to work, both in results and methods.

It seems that nearly everyone enjoys a bit of sunshine, you can notice a difference in so many ways; when the sun is shining, everyone just seems to be brighter and more positive, making my job much easier!

Identifying pinch points and KPI’s in a gloomy, rain-sodden environment can sometimes be a challenge, but having those same conversations over a cup of Earl Grey tea, sitting in the sunshine (perhaps a slice of Victoria sponge) just becomes so much easier!

I can’t promise everyone a cup of Earl Grey and cake, but I can promise solid business support and advice.